Out of the Wood - BBC Radio 4

For fifty years, Italian sculptor Giuseppe Penone has worked with, in, around and through trees. One of his most staggering techniques involves carefully stripping back the layers of a tree - using its rings as gradients, to reveal the sapling within it.

Presenter Lindsey Chapman is obsessed with nature and how we live with it. Fascinated by the forest, she believes in the intrinsic link between the natural world and our own cultural heritage. Does art offer another perspective on how to watch, feel, and relate to the world of plants, trees and animals?

Produced by Sara Jane Hall for BBC Radio 4, Out of the Wood sees Penone and Chapman try and bring to the listener a deeper understanding of the fruits of nature - leaves, trees, branches, all brought to life in dazzling complex ways.

Recorded in London, Manchester and Turin, Out of the Wood was made in February and March 2020. As lockdown measures were put into place across Europe to reduce the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19, Lindsey and producer Sara Jane Hall came up with creative ways of putting the feature together including location recordings gathered in Turin by reporter Davide Tosco and a home recoding studio built in a shoe cupboard!

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