BBC Opera Passion - A World First

In partnership with BBC Arts and Tomorrow’s World Lindsey presented #OperaPassionDay live from the Museum of Science and Industry.

Broadcasting 3 live streams through the day, Lindsey explored the relationship between Science and Art through the medium of Opera.

Attempting a world first in broadcasting, the team wanted to shatter a wine glass LIVE using the power of an Opera Singer’s voice. After a failed dress rehearsal they got ready for the big moment…see the smashing results here.

In a day filled with passion and power, Lindsey worked with Professor Trevor Cox from the University of Salford and Opera singers from the Royal Northern College of Music to bring you two other LIVE experiments – How Loud Can An Opera Singer Sing? and Can We Measure Our Emotional Connection To Music?

All experiments had fascinating results that featured in the top moments of #BBCOperaPassionDay as well as on the BBC Homepage.

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